Trader World Mart Refund Policy

At Trader World Mart, we strive to provide our users with valuable services. This Refund Policy outlines our approach to refunds for paid services.

1. Payment and Service Activation

Once a user subscribes and activates paid services on Trader World Mart, the payment made for activated services is non-refundable under any circumstances. We do not offer guarantees for the accuracy, timeliness, or authenticity of content posted by other users on our platform.

2. Refund Request on Reasonable Grounds

On the basis of reasonable grounds, users may submit a refund request within 10 days of the payment date. Refunds will be considered only for non-activated services or work, as per our company's policy.

3. Refund Process

If a user submits a refund request within the specified timeframe, the refund process may take 35-45 working days, depending on the availability of information. Refund requests should be sent via email to, providing details of the request.

4. Refund Amount and Method

The refund amount, if approved, will be processed through the same form of payment originally used by the user. For example, if the payment was made through a credit card, the refund will be remitted to the same credit card.

5. No Guarantees and Best Effort Basis

Trader World Mart does not offer guarantees for the accuracy, timeliness, or authenticity of content, inquiries, product listings, or catalogs posted by other users. All our services operate on a best effort basis. Under any circumstances, Trader World Mart is not liable to refund for services already activated.

6. Miscommunication and Business Deal Guarantees

Trader World Mart does not represent sellers or buyers in transactions and does not charge commissions for enabling transactions. We do not guarantee business deals or return on investment. Our services are offered on a best effort basis, aiming to provide the best business opportunities through portal advertising.

7. User Caution and Evaluation

Users are cautioned about the risks of dealing with foreign nationals or individuals acting under false pretenses on our platform. While we use tools to verify the accuracy and authenticity of user-provided information, we do not confirm each user's purported identity. Users are encouraged to evaluate and use common prudence while dealing with others on Trader World Mart.

8. Contact and Confirmation

Before taking any action, users are advised to thoroughly understand and read all policies, terms and conditions, and subscription details on Trader World Mart. For further clarification, users should seek written confirmation from

By using Trader World Mart, users acknowledge and agree to the terms of this Refund Policy. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at:

Trader World Mart, a unit of Etraviax Technologies Email: